not thinking /unable to unthink in Frances Ha

Thinking through Frances Ha and “antisocial feminism” in terms of female-to-female friendship (Halberstam’s coinage qted in Taylor), which suggests that relations between women are not always a “trouble free” “salve” (96), (citing Taylor’s references to Heather Love). Instead, in “Enduring Friendship,” Taylor cites Judith/Jack Halberstam’s concept of “anti-social feminism” to corroborate her articulation of an […]

Considering nothingness and Shadow Feminisms

I could not help but be reminded of Fred Moten’s theories regarding blackness and nothingness when engaging with Halberstam’s ontological perspective on shadow feminisms. Moten argues that blackness is a space of inherent “otherness” existing within a sociological and cultural system which does not acknowledge its existence in its considerations or development. “That’s the mobility […]

girls + me + “messy” feminism

I remember the day I stopped watching Girls. It was, coincidentally, after watching the episode “One Man’s Trash” assigned for this week (although this was a few years back). My revulsion/frustration came about not through the show’s “messy” feminism, but as a result of its “selling out.” There was a griminess to the first season […]


  Week 3 (Jan 25) Television   In North American pop culture, the revolutionary aesthetic of the avant-garde remains a major determinant of value. We want our cultural products to be disruptive. There is, of course, room for the conventional, but the high value is ascribed to that which challenges. Moreover, good pop culture must […]