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Girls and Sex Annotated Bibliography Professor Eva-Lynne Jagoe February 29, 2016     Pickle, Oliver. ​She Is Sitting in the Night: Re­visioning Thea’s Tarot​. Print.       This unique book is meant to be a guide that accompanies a lesbian feminist tarot deck made in the 1980’s entitled Thea’s Tarot made by american artist Ruth […]

Feminism as a martyrdom

In Roxanne Gay’s Bad Feminist, there are two problems she immediately presents to us: what is it to be a feminist, and more subtly, how does one be a feminist. The latter has been one of my biggest preoccupations taking this course. We see that there’s a problem in terms of race, essentialism, obedience, and morality. […]

Annotated Bibliography: Girls as ‘Suffering Actors’ in “Theorizing Agency in Post-Girlpower Times.”

Harris, Anita and Amy Shields Dobson. “Theorizing Agency in Post-Girlpower Times.” Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 29.2 (2015): 145-156. Web. 21 Feb. 2016. Harris and Shields Dobson utilize a post-structuralist approach employed by many theorists in youth studies as an attempt to present nuanced perspectives and unpack what agency consists of or looks like for […]

Annotation: . “Theorizing agency in post-girlpower times.”

Harris, Anita, and Amy Shields Dobson. “Theorizing agency in post-girlpower times.” Continuum 29.2 (2015): 145-156. Harris and Dobson’s “Theorizing agency in post-girlpower times” provides an interesting analysis of the terminology and schools of thought prevalent in contemporary feminisms. Using a post-structuralist approach, the authors deconstruct popular feminist terminologies such as “empowerment” “choice” and “voice” in an effort […]

Annotated Biblio – “I Once Was Miss America.”

Gay, Roxanne. “I Once Was Miss America.” Bad Feminist. New York: HarperCollins, 2014. Print. 61-70. Gay’s essay confronts a seminal affect surrounding the phenomenon of girlhood—that of nostalgia. By pairing the event of Vanessa William’s short-lived role as Miss America and the author’s obsession with Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High YA series, Gay looks back […]