Female friendships, sexuality and the body

I couldn’t put Mariko and Jillian Tamaki’s graphic novel “This One Summer” down. It truly transported me back to a time when I grew up in cottage country and spent my summer’s in the lake every day, lived in my bathing suit and spent every waking moment with my best friend. Although, I realize we […]

Some Reflections on Sound

In an article for Salon magazine, Arthur Chu recounts a conversation with a close friend, who is trans, about the Trans Day of Visibility. “‘My goal isn’t visibility, my goal is survival,’ she said.” Chu observes, “Since then I’ve been thinking about the relative shallowness of ‘visibility’ as a goal in and of itself.” These […]

Narrative Perspectives on Sex and Subjecthood

At one moment in Miranda July’s “Something that Needs Nothing,” the narrator comments, “So this is what it was like not to be me” (89). The self-reflexive observation comes in light of a sexual encounter, and immediately draws our attention to the relationship between sex and subjectivity that is central to the story. Indeed, both […]

Alternative media and Queer tarot practices

Above image: Thea’s tarot ( as discussed in the auto straddle article ) ( The Collective Tarot ) This week we are looking at female sexuality and the media. I wanted to insist on some queer readings so that our course around female sexuality can develop a capacious understanding of queer, trans and lesbian sexuality. […]

The Hideosity of Adolescence

I kind of feel like I’m cheating this week with my blog post because Dirty Girls is a part of my dissertation and I’ve written a bunch about Rookie Magazine. And the title of my blog post is also the title of my dissertation (but missing the colon and what comes after it). The title for my […]