Gaycation and Inconsistencies

 It’s difficult sometimes to understand just where people are coming from when they insist on homophobic behaviours. There often seems to be these contradictions with a single person’s discussion of the topic, but these discrepancies, even when pointed out to the person, doesn’t seem incentivized to then revise hie or her paradigm and the way […]

The Brat Pack Club’s Fire: Technicolour transitioning through Hughes’s muses

The Brat Pack Club’s Fire: Technicolour transitioning through Hughes’s muses “You see us as you want to see us” (The Breakfast Club) Through rose coloured glasses, Smudged with the prints of nostalgia. Modeled by Molly. Designed by Hughes.             Hughes’ impact on popular culture still resonates with audiences today, the generations following the teens of […]

‘Dirty girls’ and ‘Selfie-girls’: Labelling and Name Calling in Dirty Girls and “Finding the Self in Selfie”

One of the themes that caught my attention this week was naming calling, or rather the practice of labelling, specifically in the youtube video Dirty Girls (1995) and the podcast “Finding the Self in Selfie.” Both texts deal with the self-representation of a group of young girls, but play out in dramatically different contexts. Although Dirty […]

Questions about “Leaking”

After trying to find ways to better engage with response writing (something I’ve often struggled with in my scholarship) the following is a bit of an experiment. In academia (or as a critical thinker anywhere) I’ve felt myself enter a kind of practice of continual question-making. This occasionally makes it difficult for me to make […]