Female friendships, sexuality and the body

I couldn’t put Mariko and Jillian Tamaki’s graphic novel “This One Summer” down. It truly transported me back to a time when I grew up in cottage country and spent my summer’s in the lake every day, lived in my bathing suit and spent every waking moment with my best friend. Although, I realize we […]


Can you dream of something that you don’t know anything about. Can you create, in your fantasies, something that is not real, something that will never be real, something that resists the real, something that edges against the real and says something about the real perhaps even but safely safely because because it’s not real! I tried […]

What Can Fiction Do For Authors?

Since we have read both genres for this course, I cannot help but ask: what are some of the differences between memoir and fiction? Where a memoir is considered to tell a truthful account about a series of veridical moments in an authors life, fiction is a genre fit for entertainment and does not have […]