Some Reflections on Sound

In an article for Salon magazine, Arthur Chu recounts a conversation with a close friend, who is trans, about the Trans Day of Visibility. “‘My goal isn’t visibility, my goal is survival,’ she said.” Chu observes, “Since then I’ve been thinking about the relative shallowness of ‘visibility’ as a goal in and of itself.” These […]

On Men and Trans Women

  In her attempt to parse the cultural confusion surrounding “trans amorous” men, author Diana Tourjee quite justifiably groans that “it’s a headache to unpack the logic.” Trans actress Jen Richards makes a similar remark, regretfully observing that, for many, the concept of straight men liking trans women still causes “cognitive dissonance.” Both comments evoke […]

Role of Language in Discourse

There is unquestionable power in language. Word choice can make or break a person, group or idea, especially within popular culture, media and politics. No different is the case for the transgender community, and even that phrase sounds like it’s too much of a label, considering that the only factor the members of that group […]