girls + me + “messy” feminism

I remember the day I stopped watching Girls. It was, coincidentally, after watching the episode “One Man’s Trash” assigned for this week (although this was a few years back). My revulsion/frustration came about not through the show’s “messy” feminism, but as a result of its “selling out.” There was a griminess to the first season […]


  Week 3 (Jan 25) Television   In North American pop culture, the revolutionary aesthetic of the avant-garde remains a major determinant of value. We want our cultural products to be disruptive. There is, of course, room for the conventional, but the high value is ascribed to that which challenges. Moreover, good pop culture must […]

Thoughts on Bad Feminism and Racial Tokenism

I found “Bad Feminists” to be a very interesting read with many amusing moments. One line that I felt obligated to share with my Facebook friends is “Feminism — is ‘just women who don’t want to be treated like shit.’” The article speaks to certain struggles I’ve faced when trying to explain what I mean […]

Girls: Searching for Perfection

The debates around Girls are emblematic of the kind of argumentation that has occurred around all artistic portrayals of marginalized and oppressed bodies: whether these representations are “good” or “bad,” whether they are “realistic,” whether singular voices can speak for the diversity of that particular marginalized “group,” and whether or not the author is “qualified” […]

I just wanna feel it all

    GIRLS – Season 2, episode 5 JLF “I just want to feel it all”  – Hannah Horvath Unlike many popular responses about this episode, I’m not going to take up more space writing about beauty standards and their discourses concerning Hannah’s body and the unlikely pairing of her and the character of Joshua […]