not thinking /unable to unthink in Frances Ha

Thinking through Frances Ha and “antisocial feminism” in terms of female-to-female friendship (Halberstam’s coinage qted in Taylor), which suggests that relations between women are not always a “trouble free” “salve” (96), (citing Taylor’s references to Heather Love). Instead, in “Enduring Friendship,” Taylor cites Judith/Jack Halberstam’s concept of “anti-social feminism” to corroborate her articulation of an […]

Considering nothingness and Shadow Feminisms

I could not help but be reminded of Fred Moten’s theories regarding blackness and nothingness when engaging with Halberstam’s ontological perspective on shadow feminisms. Moten argues that blackness is a space of inherent “otherness” existing within a sociological and cultural system which does not acknowledge its existence in its considerations or development. “That’s the mobility […]