Annotation – Sianne Ngai,”Competitiveness: From Sula to Tyra”

Ngai, Sianne. “Competitiveness: From Sula to Tyra.” Women’s Studies Quarterly 34.3 (2006): 107-39. Print. Sianne Ngai’s essay “Competitiveness: From Sula to Tyra” examines two disparate cultural texts – Toni Morrison’s 1973 novel Sula and a 2005 episode of the Tyra Banks Show – in order to investigate the complex affective matrix of competitiveness, envy, and […]

Thank you,”The Cyndi Lauper Affect”

Like Julia, I found “The Cyndi Lauper Affect: Bodies, Girlhood and Popular Culture” useful. Even though the three examples presented in the article were limited in that they were not universally resonant (I had never seen the “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” music video, I have never even tried to like horror films, and I […]

Excitingly Shattered

Affects, as I learned from the introduction to the Affect Theory Reader, are shimmerings, encounters and moving forces with multiple meanings and indeterminate consequences. As a total novice, I am not sure how to use this language, so I will stick to the old trick of turning affect into insight. Discovering or deciding on a […]

Sadness as Self-Care

“She is right there; there she is, all teary, what a mess” – Sara Ahmed, “Feminism and Fragility”               ** My apologies for the slightly lengthy blog post (brevity isn’t my area of expertise…but I’ll keep working on it) A lot of my personal and academic life has been […]