Feminism as a martyrdom

In Roxanne Gay’s Bad Feminist, there are two problems she immediately presents to us: what is it to be a feminist, and more subtly, how does one be a feminist. The latter has been one of my biggest preoccupations taking this course. We see that there’s a problem in terms of race, essentialism, obedience, and morality. […]

Roxane Gay’s kind of feminism

Why is Roxane Gay’s kind of feminism so appealing? As Lilya wrote in her annotation, neither her writing nor her TED talk are rich in feminist analysis; Bad Feminist is a frank confession peppered with Judith Butler and Audre Lourde that veers into the style of self-help or step-by-step instruction manuals. I think that in […]


There are many controversies all the time in various contexts regarding the media as a whole and the way that it portrays all kinds of things. This is not new. There’re also those who choose to question whether we should hold the media accountable at all and maybe people shouldn’t except so much from pop […]

On Being a Human Mess

“And maybe in a year, I will learn to love the fear. And maybe in a year, I will not feel like a bad queer.” – Adult Mom, “Survival” Several years ago, I made an album with my friends called “Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head,” which told the story of two people of confused […]